Dot Pot street hockey: Hockey to make a difference

By | August 10, 2016

dot pot

Started by a trio of 19 year olds namely Eamon Baker, Mairead and Colin the Dot Pot street hockey tournament is out to make a difference in the lives of the Dorchester residents. The tournament was first started a year ago in the memory of Michael Baker, a member of the Boston Police department and has gathered attention of the people from around town resulting is a really successful first year.

The aim of the tournament is to generate funds for any local issue and the locals are quite pleased there’s someone around to take care of them and their loved ones in case of a disaster. This year’s tournament was planned by the 3 brothers after school who are hoping to turn it into a tradition in the coming years.

The idea came to them while skating in the Garvey Park, the same park where the tournament has been held for the last couple of years and so far it has been a major game changer for the community.


Michael Baker committed suicide and shockwaves were felt around the whole community and soon his sister was diagnosed with colon cancer. This series of incidents sprung them into action.

In 2015 they helped out a cancer patient and though she did not survive the family are quite supportive of the whole tournament and want to play their part in helping the neighborhood.

The tournament this year like last year began with a traditional puck drop which was greeted with huge cheers by the spectators. It gave the whole community a reason to move out, spend time with their friends and family, make the most of the pleasant weather, watch a great game of hockey but more importantly to lend a hand in the cause and show their support.


Yes it’s going to be hard for the Baker family to move on but the tournament is much needed relief. It takes place on Sundays and sponsors this year are well over 65 both corporate and families included. So make sure you grab on to one of the t-shirts, raffle or make a small donation. The tournament is expected to generate $15000 this year round.

In an interview the trio said they could barely believe the tournament would become so popular and gather such support but they also pointed out how people in Dorchester are helpful and the response shouldn’t be surprising.

Let us know in the comments section what you feel about the tournament and how you think it can be taken to the next level.

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